Guns, Ammo and Knives Oh My!!

Beautiful scenery, amazing weather and a rocking gun show, who could ask for more?  This weekends Arizona Peacemaker Gun Show was more than a huge success, it was a fantastic experience.  We had a great time meeting fellow gun enthusiasts and other vendors.

We moved A LOT of ammo this weekend, in fact we sold all of our Armscor 22LR bricks.  It’s no surprise considering how awesome the Armscor product is.  We immediately placed another order and anticipate having more in stock this week.

As I cruised around the show I saw a lot of great products and met with some really friendly people.  One of the vendors that really piqued my interests was Bill Bowsher of Command Concealment.

“Seeing the need for handguns to be mounted in strategic places, Bill designed a screw mount bracket to conceal weapons within easy reach of anywhere in a home.”

The cold rolled steel bracket can be securely placed between mattress and box spring, mounted to the bed or, well, anywhere!  I really liked the product and will be recommending it to all my friends.  Not to mention, Bill is a really nice guy, we talked for several minutes and he took the time to demonstrate the product and talk to me about its uses.

This leads me to my last observation about the gun show: I was largely ignored.  I realize that guns and ammo is still primarily a boys club, but that’s changing, and fast. One Gallup poll indicated that between 2005 – 2011 the percentage of women in the USA who own guns jumped from 13% to 23%.  The same 2011 report states that “The percentage of women who report household gun ownership is also at a new high, now registering 43%.”

Keeping in mind that those statistics are from 2011, based on my personal experience and speaking with other women in my community that percentage is probably closer to the 50% mark these days.  With that in mind gents, remember to give the ladies your attention. We have guns, we have money and we are looking for guns, ammo and accessories.

That said, I still really enjoyed the show and learned a lot about what to do next time and what NOT to do.  We will definitely be doing more shows and we hope next time you will come out to see us.

Have a fantastic day and come back tomorrow to learn more about one of my favorite products, Armscor 22LR.

Shootin’ ya straight,


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