Armscor 22LR Review

old-binghamArmscor’s 22LR High Velocity Hollow Point is one of our most popular products and it’s no surprise. Below I will give some information about the Armscor brand and specifically the 22LR.

Lets start with a little bit of history of the Armscor brand.  Although Armscor has only had a US location for 30 years, the company actually started in 1905 in the Philippines under the name Squires, Bingham & Co.  It was bought by Don Celso Tuason at the beginning of WWII and remains in the Tuason family.  Don’s 3 son’s joined the company and today the company is lead by the 3rd generation of Tuason’s, Martin Tuason.  The current Armscor name derives from the 1980’s renaming of the company to “Arms Corporation of the Philippines.”  In 1985 they established their first US location in Pahrump, NV and at that time they acquired Rock Island Armory.

Today Armscor continues to establish roots in the US with a manufacturing facility in Stevensville, Montana and they export to more than 50 countries.

So now that you knarmscor 22LR smallow who Armscor is, lets get into the good stuff, THE AMMO!  While Armscor carries a variety of calibers, the 22LR is one our favorites.  The 22LR is a high velocity jacketed hollow point with a copper wash and is manufactured in their Philippines facility.  The jacket is super smooth and lubricated which is what gives it that extra umph and a muzzle velocity of 1260 fps.  The ammo is reliable and consistent, we’ve shot over 1000 rounds have had zero issues.  From a consumer standpoint the ammo gets a 4 – 4 1/2 out of 5 star review.

When it comes to shopping ammo the options can be overwhelming, that’s why we are encouraging our clients to leave reviews on the ammo that they purchase from us.  We do not offer an incentive, just our gratitude.  Head on over to to shop our Armscor products and let us know if you have any questions or feedback.

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